Complex Phoenix based on unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is designed for distant objects monitoring in the visible and infrared ranges and for usage as a separate product and as a part of other complex security systems.

  • The intuitive touch sensitive interface, multifunctionality, requires minimal user training.
  • Flights in the difficult weather conditions.
  • Mobility of the system, the minimal preparation time to the flight.


  • The unmanned aircraft with an automatic control system (autopilot)
  • Navigation system with inertial correction (GPS/GLONASS)
  • Tracking the cards of the Google, Yandex, OpenStreetMap search engines

Integration with the other security systems.

Interaction with the system "FOLC" allows to realise an integrated approach to the protection of the objects.

Ability to use different payloads

  • Course camera, release control camera (straight down)
  • Double-axis suspension with the fiftyfold zoom camera with a resolution of 1920x1080
  • Infrared camera with a resolution of 384x288
  • Release for cargo drop


Compact and reliable system

The ground control system (GCS) includes a set of spare parts and a replaceable battery, which is charged directly in the GCS case.

GCS case is moisture and water resistant

Ease of maintenance

The complex can be served by one operator

Replacing the battery, payloads in the field does not require any special tools.

Possibility of video recording to the removable media on board.

Various control and flight modes

UAV flight control modes — manual/automatic

Hovering with opportunity to control the height and azimuth

Dynamic adjustment of the route during the flight by the user or external systems commands


  • Flight time: up to 60 minutes
  • Flight height: 3 km
  • Practical flying range: not less than 15 km
  • Ambient temperature: from -10°C to +40°C
  • Wind resistance: 12 m/s
  • Maximum speed: 20 m/s
  • Weight without a load: 5,3 kg
  • Flight time with a load of 5 kg - 14 minutes (and 20 minutes after dumping actual load)


  • Copter
  • Course camera
  • Double-axis suspension with the fiftyfold zoom camera
  • Release control camera (frame - straight down)
  • Release for cargo drop
  • Possibility to equip the set by the suspension with an infrared camera, interfaced with a regular camera
  • Ground Control System (GCS)
  • Spare parts set
  • Replaceable battery
  • Waterproof GCS case

Phoenix is capable to detect moving objects on the general background in the real time and follow them.

Due to the vertical takeoff and landing Phoenix is ideal for continuous monitoring of the target, which in turn provides the operator with full information of the intentions and actions of the observed object, so the operator is able to make the best decision.

Thus, we have an ideal platform for a wide range of tasks in any conditions, including:

  • Aerial photography
  • Perimeter and/or linear objects monitoring
  • Covert intelligence and surveillance
  • Accident prevention and emergency response

Aerial photography

Aerial photography is an area photographing from an altitude of several hundred meters to tens of kilometers using aerial camera installed on multicopter or any other aircraft. There are several types of aerial photography depending on aerial camera plane position. Photographing is planimetric at camera's horizontal position and is oblique at inclined one. Cylindrical aerial photography and rotating lens photography are panoramic. If photographing is on given route or area aerial photography is strip or areal.

BG-Optics produces powerful quadrocopters equipped with a gyro-stabilized gimbal for aerial photography. Piloting can be performed in manual or automatic mode. Flight time exceeds 1 hour, and the range is up to 12 km.