Technical Specifications WOLF Complex


The basis of the security complex "WOLF" (Warning optical-fibre line facility), is the application of modern technologies in the field of fibre and laser optics ,and also application machine learning algorithms dealing with and managing security issues for various installations and facilities .

"WOLF" complex provides for the following capabilities:

- control outline trespassing in real-time mode;

- detect and recognise trespassing (foot traffic, vehicle, underground passage) with high probability of over than 97%) and 3-10 meter accuracy of determining the point of intrusion along the line perimeter;

- timely alert security personnel to outline trespassing;

-record and log events

"WOLF" complex operation is based on the detection and recognition of environmental micro-vibrations around the fibre-optic cable caused by people and vehicles movement or earthworks, etc. One such solution can replace a high quantity of point sensors, which can significantly reduce the costs of implementation of the security system for facilities with extensive perimeter framework.


“WOLF" complex consists of a function unit (FU) and а sensing element (fibre-optic cable).

The quantity of FU is determined by the length of the protected perimeter or customer requirements.

FU is an open server rack. It consists of an optical module (OM), primary and secondary processing servers (PPS, SPS), optical terminal box, switch, socket unit and UPS batteries. FU may be additionally equipped with an optical amplifier unit (OAU) in case of the protected perimeter exceeding 40 km. Data exchange with FU is effected through the LAN or WAN.

The foundation of the system is the FU which includes the OM, functioning on the principle of coherent OTDR (optic time domain reflectometer). OM allows to detect approach of the intruder up to the protected perimeter area and its perimeter line incursions. After processing raw data with the A/D converter a special processor performs initial data assessment through channels, classifying control frequencies of the vibroacoustic spectrum. Followed by multilevel analysis performed by the SPS, the alarm is triggered with the information about time, place and type of events being displayed on the operator workstation.

FU is recommended for installation location in server/ER rooms. OM is connected to the cable-sensor by an optical terminal box. Access to Ethernet is effected through a conventional 1Gb switch. Protection against power surges and short power outages is provided by the UPS.

Main characteristics

  • 3-10 meter accuracy of determining the place of intrusion along the cable perimeter;
  • one “WOLF” control unit provides up to 80 km perimeter control; it allows for detection and tracking of any number of objects simultaneously;
  • cable sensor based on optical fibre, which does not require electrical power supply throughout its entire length, only the FU;
  • “WOLF” complex can be used for installations and facilities with any configuration, geometrical structures and terrain features;
  • it is also possible to use existing optic cables;
  • vacant optical-fibres of cable sensor can be used for transmitting data and/or video comms;
  • ensure safe operation and high precision efficiency in any type of weather conditions (intensive heat, heavy rainfall, strong winds, heavy snow, etc.;
  • cable-sensor can be installed in any surface types of the controlled perimeter area (ground surface, concrete, asphalt, paving tiles) and also may be mounted on/into different types of fencing, barriers or rails. Depending on the surface type cable can be installed at various depth;
  • EMI / RFI of any intensity and lightning immune;
  • usage of various laying schemes of cable-sensor and machine learning algorithms allow for high performance in detection and identification of different types of intrusion, adapting to and filtering natural and man made / industrial noise, thus decreasing the occurrence of false alarms.

Operation theory

The operation principle of the complex is based on the effect of Rayleigh scattering in the optical fibre. Optical module (OM) of the “WOLF” FU sends laser monitoring pulses into the optic fibres.

Any Optical fibre has inhomogeneities of the refractive index and laser pulses is backscattered on them. That effect is called Rayleigh scattering. On the basis of backscattered laser signal characterisation coherent reflectograms / ODTR traces are produced. Their behaviour in the time domain contains information about time, place and type of acoustical vibrations around the cable-sensor.


The complex allows detection of approach to the protected area perimeter and intrusion / crossing its boundaries. In case of a person and / or a vehicle, approaching or in case of any earthworks being carried out in the area adjacent to / near the secured facility or installation the incident location data is transmitted by “WOLF” complex to the subscriber / operator terminal in real-time mode.

Remote detection characteristics by type:

  • Humans – up 10 m from the control boundaries.
  • Vehicles crossing the control boundaries
  • Heavy machinery moving – 10 m.
  • Digging using excavation machinery – 20 m.
  • Digging using manual tools /spading – 2 m.
  • Light wheel base vehicles – 5 m.
  • Tracked vehicles approaching – 20 m.
  • Heavy wheel base vehicles - 10m.

Typical Security Solutions

One WOLF Complex provides the ability to organise several perimeter lines (up to 4), located along the boundaries of the protected object. This allows not only to determine the direction of crossing the boundary of the protected facility or installation and pre-warn the operator of possible penetration of the territory, but also improve the interference insusceptibility of the complex (protection against false positive readings / false alarms).

The pricing of the “WOLF" complex is determined by number of control lines, length of sensor cable and construction work on its installation.

Typical examples of deployment of the "WOLF" complex with two and four control-lines are provided below. The usage of a larger number of control-lines improves the informativeness and reliability of complex. With complex geometry or location of facilities or installations 4 control boundaries are recommended.

Upon request, "WOLF" complex can also be integrated with other perimeter control systems, as well as video surveillance systems / CCTV from other manufacturers. We also suggest examining the possibility of deploying the WOLF complex jointly with the perimeter defense system based on different types of metallic fencing with electric shock repulsion effect. Non-lethal electric shock repulsion system (ESR) is designed to actively prevent intrusion of protected facilities or secure locations by undesirables through exposing them to high voltage peak forward/ impulse current, which is activated when the intruder is closer than 20mm to the electric barrier installed in intrusion approach risk boundaries.

At the same time WOLF complex can be augmented with an exclusive video surveillance / CCTV IP based system for monitoring intrusion points along the perimeter in automatic mode. It includes a type of multi-matrix panoramic surveillance camera, especially effective in visual monitoring at long range, open control areas and outdoor spaces. This system uses powerful zooming capabilities, simultaneously capturing fine details even at long range deployment. As a result, the infrastructure burden is significantly reduced, e.g. using a single multi-matrix panoramic surveillance system instead of several HD surveillance cameras. In case of an emergency the operator is able to select an area of interest, zoom in on it and examine it in fine detail. Video recording playback capabilities and event recovery functions are also provided for monitoring events occurring at other control perimeter points. The system is installed at a single point, which leads to cost efficiency. In addition, as opposed to a revolving surveillance camera which is only able to be used by a single operator multi-matrix system is capable of being used by an unlimited number of operators independently of each other.


A specific feature of the “WOLF" complex is the usage of a Web-based interface. This allows for the operator workplace to be available on any devices with authorised operator control access that are connected to the information network.

It is also possible to export and upload information on the status of the protected perimeter onto smartphones, tablets, and any other devices of the managing supervisors providing access to the Internet and Web-based interface support.

Typically, the main interface includes three segments:

1) Schematic drawing of the perimeter of the controlled area, which displays the alarms for the operator simultaneously with an audible alarm signal.

2) Display live feed from a video surveillance camera aimed at the point where the alarm was triggered.

3) The event log, registering events which the operator should focus on and take action.

In addition, there is a settings menu, initial alarm signals data menu and a access menu dedicated to navigating the event log archive.

Information interface can be displayed on several monitors, each of these can be individually configured to the customers requirements.

The number of operator's workstation is not limited, which allows you to receive up to date, live real time data on events in the protected perimeter for the operator and also for rapid response security teams and security managers and supervisors.


The "WOLF" complex can be integrated with other previously installed existing security systems (see below "extra options"). Usually, these are video surveillance systems, text message alerts systems, etc.

"WOLF" complex guarantees the customer reliable, seamless and uncompromising performance at the cutting edge of modern perimeter security solutions.

BG-Optics produces and deploys critical site security solutions. The ultimate security solution is a modular complex containing fiber-optics perimeter protection system, UAVs, multi-beam radar, video surveillance system and multilevel access control system. We also develop software for integration of our complex with other security systems.